_I am two technologies, that work together.

In the twenty-third century beauty professionals go beyond the surface of the skin. They offer total beauty, created from a perfect harmony of skin quality, muscle tone equilibrium and mental wellbeing. This is exactly what i-Boost offers you today, thanks to the combination of two technologies that work together to guarantee results you have never seen before in just a few sessions.

icoone regenerates the structure of the connective tissue by remodelling the body’s shapes, and icoone Booster improves posture and balance by increasing muscle tone in a natural way.

La tecnologia: icoone

_I start from the surface and reach
into the deepest skin layers.

Thanks to Roboderm® technology, combined, if necessary, with Laser and Led light sources, icoone regenerates the structure of the connective tissue, guaranteeing exceptional results that re-model the body’s silhouette and accelerate skin regeneration.

La tecnologia: i-Boost

_I work 95% of your muscles. And 100% of your mind.

Thanks to Elispheric® technology and exercises based on instability, icoone Booster stimulates the proprioceptive system and works on the spinal column, improving posture and reinforcing even the smallest and deepest muscles.