_I was born from a new and unique vision of the skin

_I was born from a new and unique vision of the skin

The company behind i-Boost is the Italian based i-Tech Industries, whose history started with the revolutionary inventions of Gianfranco Tudico.
He designed two unique patented technologies whose effects go beyond the surface of the skin thus offering clients a concept of beauty based on the global harmony of the body, in terms of skin quality, balanced muscle tone and mental well-being.

The project is inspired by the studies of Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a specialist in reconstructive surgery, who demonstrated that the skin should be conceived as a living network.

_This is why you will choose me

The culture of body care…

i-Tech Industries has collected and developed this new scientific evidence, with the aim of designing gentle and non-invasive technologies able to stimulate the connective tissue in a targeted and
effective way, ensuring faster and more
visible results.

Recent studies have shown a connection between posture and connective tissue alterations, that could lead to the worsening of aesthetic problematics like cellulite, water retention and lympho-hematic disorders.

Moreover, good training and physical exercise help to keep a good quality of the skin, a good quality of muscles, and good quality of the vascular system, especially when getting older.

Thanks to continuous investments in research and innovation, a scientific approach and a meticulous, ongoing analysis of every aesthetic and medical case treated, today i-Tech Industries has become a global reference in the development of body shaping technologies and non-invasive connective tissue treatments, with the primary goal of meeting individual needs in terms of beauty, health and wellness.

_This is why you will choose me

…in a constantly growing industry.

The i-Boost concept also fits perfectly into global wellness market trends, that today represent 5.3% of global economic production (estimated to be 4.5 trillion dollars, source Global Wellness Institute). This market is expected to grow further in the next two years, also as a result of the pandemic, with a CAGR between 5 and 10% (source McKinsey & Company).

i-Boost thus responds to current changes in the world of beauty care and wellness as it encloses physical activity, mental wellness, personal care, beauty & anti-aging, spa and wellness treatments. All in the same center.