Il prodotto

_I was born in the 23rd century when humans realised the future of their skin was connected to the movement of the body..

_I boost beauty

The Approach

_I give results you will be proud of.

i-Boost is based on a scientific approach to beauty and advanced technological skills. It has a holistic vision of the skin, body and mind, and it allows you to achieve precise goals by combining an icoone skin treatment session and muscular stimulation with icoone Booster.

The treatments

_I treat your skin and your physique, in the same centre.

icoone regenerates the skin with 21,600 microstimulations a minute.

This non-invasive technology is so natural, it can be used to treat the entire body and all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, every day. It acts on the connective tissue by stimulating the skin from the surface downwards, regenerating it and thereby re-sculpting the body’s silhouette.

icoone Booster works 95% of the body’s muscles at the same time.

The first result is a renewed, harmonious and regal posture. The second is an enhancement of icoone activities on the skin, because a correct posture reduces liquid stagnation and flaws like cellulite, by stimulating microcirculation.


Stimulates adipose cell metabolism

Increases calories consumption

Anti cellulite

Improves microcirculation and fibroblast activity

Improves posture and body balance


Stimulates collagen and elastin production

Improves muscle tone and flexibility


Improves oxygenation and circulation throughout the body

Promotes the elimination of metabolic waste and liquids

Posture and Muscular Flexibility

Improves skin elasticity and firmness

Reinforces muscle tone and joint flexibility

Stretching and Relaxation

Performs a pleasant, natural massage

Restores the equilibrium of body and mind, reducing stress


Improves blood microcirculation

Increases body equilibrium and harmony

_I start from the surface and reach into the deepest skin layers.

The first part of the i-Boost treatment begins with icoone, the only device in the world that performs Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation.

Thanks to Roboderm® technology, icoone regenerates the structure of the connective tissue, guaranteeing exceptional results that re-model the body’s silhouette and accelerate skin regeneration.

Natural and non-invasive, icoone treatments are ideal for all areas of the body and all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. icoone also allows a symmetrical, two-handed treatment to be performed that works on both sides of the body simultaneously. Relaxing and delicate as a manual massage, but with the efficacy of technology.

_I work 95% of your muscles. And 100% of your mind.

The second phase of the i-Boost treatment is carried out on icoone Booster, which uses Elispheric® technology and exercises based on instability to stimulate the proprioceptive system.

This man-machine interaction stimulates microcirculation, accelerates calories burning and improves posture.

icoone Booster is a beauty technology that creates a body in complete harmony, increases muscle tone and sculpts your figure. Helping you to stay younger longer.

Our proposal

_I Boost business

i-Boost is an evolutionary leap that projects your Beauty Center towards a new world.

To accompany you on this journey, alongside our icoone and icoone Booster technology, we also offer you several services and materials, a turnkey package that includes décor, training, business coaching and marketing materials.

Here is what we will provide you with: 

  • Location & Design
  • Initial training & Business coaching
  • Grand opening
  • Masterclass & on going support
  • High level & exclusive positioning