_Two formats.
Your i-Boost zone.

One center, two formats

i-Boost is a space concept available in two formats: Corner or Center.

I-Boost Center

Immersive and advanced.

Décor, in-store communication, customized materials: a unique combination of style and comfort, technological innovation and functionality.

I-Boost Corner

Practical and distinctive.

Expand the center’s offering with i-Boost; move beyond beauty to enhance both your business and treatment results.

Why you should choose the i-Boost zone:

_Why you should choose the i-Boost zone:

  • i-Boost can treat body and skin simultaneously in a single location, which optimizes your time
  • i-Boost achieves visible results, thanks
    to the combination of exercise and
    beauty treatment, even with express
  • i-Boost is a priceless experience, which enables to exercising naturally with no physical stress
  • i-Boost is a combination of two
    exclusive technologies based on
    scientific evidence

SessionS and packages

i-Boost offers highly customisable treatments and exercise protocols.

i-Boost session is a combination of 1 icoone session and 2 icoone Booster sessions.

i-Boost offers treatment programmes that are flexible in terms of customer’s needs and time availability and based specifically on the type of flaw to be treated.

i-Boost tools

Your day-to-day allies

Whether it is a Corner or a Center, i-Boost offers all the main tools for enhancing the brand, collecting results and accompanying the customers in their treatment experience.

Anamnesis & Results

Instruments for collecting results


Branded set for customers